Sir Stabbity: The Fight Your Friends Game!

Have you ever wanted to be a knight? Partake in epic duels to the death? Have you ever wanted to fight your friends with foam swords? Sir Stabbity is the game for you!  Made using Unity, two tablets are used to display player health, as well as act as a hitbox for the other player to hit with their foam sword covered in metallic tape.

Sir Stabbity was played at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore as apart of their “Medieval Games Night”

Sir Stabbity: The Fight Your Friends Games is a social game that pits two people against each other in simulated gladiatorial duel as knights from the mighty Realm of Whales and the fearsome Lobster Empire. Built with Unity for the Samsung Tab Tablets, we created a touch based “hitbox” that players would have to protect on their tablet while aiming to hit their opponents. The tablets were held in place by a custom case made of PVC Sheet and foam to protect the tablets and keep them in place, while still having the custom button interface touchable. These cases were then adhered to a harness that we made that was adjustable and used buckles and straps to keep the tablet cases tight to the body, in place, so they don’t move around too much, and flexible/unintrusive enough to allow comfortable movement for any body type throughout the game. The players used foam swords that were covered in aluminum tape, which allowed the swords to activate the touch screen as if being touched by a stylus. The longer the player “stabbed” their opponent in the hitbox, the more damage they’d deal. Swords were kept short so that combatants were forced to stay relatively close to each other, making it so games would go faster and players had to be more engaged. When a player reaches 0 health, they lose and the screen shows which player won. Players then have to touch each other’s screens at the same time to initiate a 5 second countdown where both players are invulnerable and have time to separate and get ready. Rinse, repeat. Basically, stab your friends until they die.

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