Here’s a growing list of all the games I’ve made and published on this website in a nice neat page!

Back To The Woods We Go


Back To The Woods We Go is a one-page, rules-light RPG about being teenagers in a small rural town in a modern/near modern setting, investigating the unbelievable, terrible thing you saw in the woods and bringing it to light, or stopping it before it’s too late.

Download The Game: BackToTheWoodsWeGo

Apprentice Quest

AQ Image

You are a freshman at Wizard College and you just finished your first semester! In order to continue on to the next semester, the College is sending you and some other students out on your first quest. The only things in your arsenal are each other, a magic item the college has lent you, and one shitty spell you spent all semester learning. Good luck!

Download all the pages to play!


Cosmic Catastrophy!


Each player is a planet currently dealing with a major crisis that they don’t have the resources to fix! Send out messages to your neighboring planets in hopes they send you the right resources. The only issue, your attempts at communication look like random images to them! Can the other planets decipher what you are trying to say? Will you all survive from this horrible string of catastrophes?

Game Jam page link! Print and Play files coming soon.


G.U.F.M.E.F – Giant Ugly Flesh Monster Excavation Force!


Giant Ugly Flesh Monster Excavation Force (GUFMEF) is a 2-4 player cooperative game where players harvest precious resources from the rotting corpse of a gigantic monster in order to fulfill contracts for corporate resources.

You can visit the Board Game Geek page here!