Back To The Woods We Go

Here is a quick, one-page RPG! Requires 1 Game Master and 1+ Players. Requires a handful of six-sided dice. Index Cards make great character sheets. May want to use a good amount of Tokens (other dice, coins, etc) to represent Paranoia and Drive.

A string of disappearances and strange occurrences have your small town worried. Rumors spread that something unnatural is behind them, but no adult will believe that. But you and your friends saw something… something sinister… in the woods surrounding your town. It’s up to you all to figure out what’s really happening and stop it before they strike again. And hurry, something seems to be stirring in the air tonight…

Back To The Woods We Go is a one-page, rules-light RPG about being teenagers in a small rural town in a modern/near modern setting, investigating the unbelievable, terrible thing you saw in the woods and bringing it to light, or stopping it before it’s too late.

It’s got a very heavy Kids on Bikes feel but meant to be played in a one-shot, very quick and easy game. I wanted to make a game that feels spooky and is about investigation and storytelling and didn’t want to set it in the 80s or something. I state that the players have smartphones with them, and want people to try and tell strange tales in a modern setting.



This game was made for Dylan Burrell’s birthday, a dear friend. He’s a 3D Environment Artist, please check out his website to see his work!


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