Space Between Stars Quickstart Book

Space Between Stars is a collaborative storytelling roleplaying game about characters who are the crew of a spaceship exploring an unstable universe, dealing with their own internal issues and growing together through shared experiences, one job at a time.

Players build the world they will live in from the ground up, ensuring each experience is unique to the table and tailored to what you want to see in your game.

This Quickstart Book has a condensed version of the full game, meant to allow 2-4 players to try out the system and guide them through a 4-6 hour session. It does not require a Game Master to play!

The book is only available at the moment by request of email to me! An open online version will be coming shortly.


Pages Needed To Play

The Character Sheets, Ship Sheet, Setting Sheet, Dice Pool Building Checklist, and Quick Reference are available to download HERE and need to be printed out to play this Quickstart Book


Below will be a record of games played by various playtest groups as an example of what can be done in this game.

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