Here is a list of various Installation-based games and works I’ve made! I love making games that can be played with your whole body, get you moving around, and generally bring you into a child-like imaginative space.



MICA BALL is a large urban game that we designed for the entire MICA freshman class (400+ students) to play. Teams were broken down by class section and had an hour to score as many points as possible in field events, creative missions and a hunt for the iconic M|I|C/A letters! The game tests each team’s creativity, teamwork, and light athletic prowess.

Alien Escape!


You wake up on a strange alien ship… how did you get here? What are these strange controls? Why are there colored balls everywhere? You don’t know, but you better figure out how to fly this thing before your host comes back!


MYOMA – Make Your Own Modern Art


An interactive work for all ages! Create your own work of modern art. Hang the blank canvas on a wall, and from the box pick and choose which shapes, colors, and textures you want in your piece. Using velcro, all the different shapes stick on and stay in place, while allowing for some overlap and freedom with the placement.


Sir Stabbity: The Fight Your Friends Game!


Have you ever wanted to be a knight? Partake in epic duels to the death? Have you ever wanted to fight your friends with foam swords? Sir Stabbity is the game for you!