The Anatomy of Fear

The Anatomy of Fear is a competitive, push-your-luck card game that explores human physiological responses to fear through fun, fast-paced, suspense-filled gameplay. The object is to scare your friends to death and remain the last one standing.

Using a simple color-matching system, the player pairs fears (ie. fear of darkness) to human responses (pupil dilation) through attacks and defenses. When in need of more attacks, you must traverse the Dread Deck, one card at a time, and hope you don’t land on Dispair.

As the game continues play changes, whether through a shorter hand size, no more defenses to draw, or opponents with knowledge of what’s in your hand, to create a shifting, dread-filled experience.


Product currently in development for publication and release.

Game design, playtesting and rules written by Viditya Voleti

All visual design work (cards, box, rules layout) and card text by West Cahall


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