MICA BALL is a large urban game that we designed for the entire MICA freshman class (400+ students) to play. Teams were broken down by class section and had an hour to score as many points as possible in field events, creative missions and a hunt for the iconic M|I|C/A letters! The game tests each team’s creativity, teamwork, and light athletic prowess.

This was a project I worked on for the Maryland Institute College of Art’s First Year Experience classes as apart of the MICA Game Lab to give freshman a field day of fun and games as well as inform them of our Game Design department.

I helped design and playtest the large scale games, the challenges and facilitating throughout the 2-hour event. As well as many of the production that came with preparing the games and event.

You can find more information about MICA BALL 18 on the MICA Game Lab Website for a video and more pictures


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