Apprentice Quest

Apprentice Quest is a One Off RPG that I made!

You are a freshman at Wizard College and you just finished your first semester! In order to continue on to the next semester, the College is sending you and some other students out on your first quest. The only things in your arsenal are each other, a magic item the college has lent you, and one shitty spell you spent all semester learning. Good luck!

Apprentice Quest requires 1 DM and at least 1 Player, best ran with at least 4 Players. It also technically needs at least 1 six sided die, but runs best with a handful.

Download: Apprentice Quest Pages!

Game Note: I want to point out that I designed “Morale” to be a changing scale. As the DM, don’t be afraid to give and take Morale as the quest goes on. Really look at how the team is working together, whether their plans are succeeding or not, and other factors that would effect a person’s willingness to go on.

In one game I ran, there was one player who was just being really difficult, kept doing his own thing, and was bringing the rest of the team down, so I had them all fill in one Morale (make one square black) to represent how annoyed and tired the party was.

Another game I ran, all the party was rolling really well, their ideas were on point and were making great progress, so before they reached another area in the quest, I told them to gain one Morale to represent their high spirits and good fortune.

I also had the players reset their Morale every time they slept for the night, since a new day brings new opportunities. But I encourage people to play the game that’s comfortable for that group! Having fun is the top priority 🙂

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