Cosmic Catastrophy – Global Game Jam 2018

For my first Game Jam, I had the pleasure of working with Jacob Nemec to make the card game Cosmic Catastrophy! Each player is a planet currently dealing with a major crisis that they don’t have the resources to fix! Send out messages to your neighboring planets in hopes they send you the right resources. The only issue, your attempts at communication look like random images to them! Can the other planets decipher what you are trying to say? Will you all survive from this horrible string of catastrophes?

The theme of the Jam was “Transmission,” so we decided to make a game where players have to silently pass messages to each other, using the phrase “lost in translation” as a sort of inspiration (I kept thinking it was “lost in transmission”). This was a really fun small project to work on, and we’ve made a few iterations to it since the Game Jam. What was originally a turn-based, the game now runs through two rounds, each round on a one and a half minute timer, and players can send as many messages as they want between each other. This makes for a more crazy, catastrophic playstyle to the experience.


Our assets are very scrappy, and hopefully, if we find a weekend to polish it up, we’ll release it as a fun, simple print and play!

If you want to see the Game Jam page, here it is (the upload really chunked up the images)

Please check out Jacob Nemec’s website and work! He is a wonderful man!


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