Giant Ugly Flesh Monster Excavation Force!

As seen at PAX Unplugged 2018 and Unpub 8!

Giant Ugly Flesh Monster Excavation Force (GUFMEF) is a 2-4 player cooperative game where players harvest precious resources from the rotting corpse of a gigantic monster in order to fulfill contracts for corporate resources. Navigate the corpse, communicate as a team, and gather resources, but beware, this is a high-risk position! As time progresses, the corpse rots and the body of the creature becomes unstable. It becomes the duty of the force to make sure that they not only complete their job in a timely manner but help every person on the team makes it out alive; liabilities are not good for corporate!

With different monsters and different contract types, each play experience becomes its own series of trials; but hopefully, with the use of tools and wits, the force will have what it takes to excavate exactly what they need. Gravity and time are your biggest foes but that is just another work day for the Giant Ugly Flesh Monster Excavation Force.


G.U.F.M.E.F is on Board Game Geek! Go check it out and give it a like, or put it on your wishlist, or whatever you’re supposed to do on BGG!

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